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Background of Sharon Gray, MAR IIHHT

In 1999 I qualified as a professional reflexologist. I chose to study the therapy as I had found it so effective on a personal level.
My work with clients has included those experiencing various conditions such as insomnia, backache, migraine, depression, lack of energy, menstrual problems, IBS, stress/tension, anxiety - to name a few.

Since then, I have also undertaken further reflexology training, focusing on Fertility, Pregnancy and Childbirth (see my Maternity Reflexology page).

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Treatments Offered

In addition to Reflexology, treatments I offer include Hot Stone Therapy, Indian Head Massage and Pregnancy Massage. All of my treatments are chosen because I personally enjoy them and have experienced the benefits.
Please see the relevant pages for more information on these deeply relaxing therapies.


I am located in Tingewick, within easy reach of Buckingham, Silverstone, Deanshanger, Brackley, Bicester and the surrounding Bucks, Northants, Oxfordshire area.

Relaxing Surroundings

Therapies in my treatment room allow you to get away from your home environment to one of relaxation where you can enjoy your treatment without interruption.

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A Word from my Clients

"Sharon's years of experience have given her a real understanding of how to approach people individually. I found her professional but friendly attitude very welcoming. I feel she offers excellent value for money compared to some other therapists with far less experience" Jo A

"The pregnancy massage I had was fantastic. After months of feeling like someone else had taken over my body, I finally felt like me again! I would definitely recommend it to mums-to-be. Sharon was very professional and friendly and made me feel very comfortable - I will definitely be booking again!" Natalie F

"My partner recently bought me a gift voucher and I have been tried out all three of Sharon's treatments - total bliss! If you're looking for a really personal gift, this is it." M.L.

"Hot stone therapy is just fantastic! As someone who was initially reluctant to try 'alternative' therapies I was bought a gift voucher and have never looked back! I have come to appreciate just how my stress and tension can be eased away with this deeply relaxing treatment, and to anyone who has had doubts about whether it is for them - give it a try!" K.J.

"After trying unsuccessfully for 12 months to conceive our second child, and having been told by our doctor there was almost certainly nothing wrong with us other than worrying too much I really didn't know what to do next. To be told to stop thinking about it when pretty much all you do is just that isn't terribly helpful! A friend recommended trying fertility reflexology as it had worked for his wife. As someone who is very sceptical about alternative treatments I nevertheless decided to give it a go and went along to my first session with an open mind. I immediately felt comfortable with Sharon who was extremely thorough and listened to both my medical history and how I felt. After both my first and second session I felt very relaxed, and am now pregnant. I am sure the treatment calmed me down enabling nature to take over. Many thanks." B.H.

"Sharon came and gave me a couple of wonderful reflexology sessions around the time I was trying to conceive through fertility treatment. One of them was a couple of days after insemination which I hoped might encourage things along! I had acupuncture as well that week to give my body the best chance of conceiving.
Well - it worked and I'm now 18 weeks pregnant with triplets! They don’t think they are identical, so 3 eggs must have been released and successfully fertilised which is no mean feat (especially after trying for so long!)
I just wanted to say thank you as I have no doubt we achieved such a great result because of the combined reflexology and acupuncture. It made me feel so much more relaxed about things than in the past and timing wise was just perfect.
Thanks again - you have helped make our dreams come true!"

"I have been having monthly treatments from Sharon for stress reduction for about a year now and finish each session feeling relaxed and refreshed. Consequently I look forward to each appointment and I would recommend her to anyone." J.G.

"Following a miscarriage early last year my husband and I had been trying for a baby without success for several months. I contacted Sharon and arranged to have fertility reflexology. Immediately I felt a lot more relaxed about life in general and after a few treatments I found out I was pregnant. I now have a beautiful baby boy and have continued with treatments purely for relaxation. I would definitely recommend the reflexology if only to make you feel more relaxed about life in general which may subsequently result in a successful pregnancy." S. P.

"I began reflexology treatments with Sharon after suffering from infertility for approximately 3 years. After a few months I fell pregnant and feel these treatments were a factor in this. They definitely help you to feel more relaxed, which is half the battle with infertility, and I did notice a difference in how I felt within myself generally. I would recommend reflexology without hesitation." Jane F

"Sharon has helped remove the cold feelings in my feet and lower legs, probably caused by poor circulation. I always end the treatment feeling relaxed and more comfortable with life. Thanks very much!" R.P.

"Having reflexology is the highlight of my busy working week! Sharon is extremely good at what she does, she listens to me and then applies her magic hands to my feet and makes all my troubles disappear for a while. Afterwards I feel refreshed and totally relaxed. I have felt much calmer and less stressed since having reflexology, I think it is a truly wonderful experience. I have been having reflexology for about five months now and I can honestly feel the difference in myself.
Sharon has brought calm and relaxation to my life!" G.M.

AoR Membership

I am a full member of the Association of Reflexologists and as such, I have appropriate insurance cover for all treatments provided.

To make an appointment, or to request further information,
please call me on 07771 933099, or e-mail me using the link at the
top of this page.

If you live in Buckingham, Tingewick, Silverstone, Bicester (or anywhere in-between) - a relaxing therapy is only a short distance away!

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